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Our costs and fees are set out clearly and in detail.

A distinction should be made between the fees themselves, which pay for the work carried out by the lawyer, the costs (secretarial costs, travelling expenses, telephone, correspondence, photocopying costs, etc.) and disbursements (bailiff charges, petition charges, charges of the clerk’s office).

The fees of our practice are set within reasonable limits in accordance with the law.

When setting the fees, the following parameters, among others, are taken into account:

•  the extent of the duties carried out
•  the extent of the interests in dispute
•  the difficulty of the intervention
•  the technical or specialist nature of the subject matter dealt with
•  the result achieved
•  the urgency of the intervention
•  the experience of the lawyer

Each client is given all the explanations he requires on the method of calculating the fees.

The fees are calculated:

  either according to the value of the dispute
In this case, the fees are calculated on the basis of a percentage of the value of the case, which varies according to the size of the case, the complexity and urgency of the dispute, the experience and skills of the lawyer and the result achieved. The fees may be increased for appeal proceedings.

•  or at an hourly rate
The hourly rate varies according to the nature and size of the case, how specialised the lawyer handling it is, the complexity of the dispute and the urgency of the intervention.

The rate is set between 75 € and 250 €.

This rate may be reduced for simple cases and it may also be raised in agreement with the client if the case assumes an exceptional nature.

The costs detailed below also cover the overheads of the practice (staff pay, premises, computer hardware, telephone equipment, accounts, documentation, training, etc.)

The costs are calculated as follows (open-ended list):

  Pleadings Per page 
10,00 €
  Agreements Per page 
10,00 €
  Travelling expenses Le kilometre
0,50 €
  Solvency searches Per unit
10,00 €
  E-mail, fax Per page 
7,50 €
  Fax transmissions Per page 
5,00 €
  Letters Per page 
10,00 €
  Letters of transmissions Per page 
5,00 €
  Registered letters Per page 
12,39 €
  Opening a case file  
75,00 €
6,20 €
  Photocopies Per page 
0,50 €
  Telephone Per minute
Cost price

The retainer – quote – payment facilities
A retainer is requested, to be deducted from the final statement, at the start of our intervention.

Additional retainers may also be required in the course of the case.

Naturally, the final statement takes into account the retainers paid.

At present, lawyers’ fees and costs are not subject to VAT.

It is often difficult to provide a quote because, in many matters, it is impossible to know how many hours will be dedicated to the case, what difficulties may be raised by the opposing parties, any appeal proceedings, etc.

We are fully aware of the costs that can be generated by a good defence of the client’s activities (any effective defence involves dedicating time to a case). Therefore, if the client’s situation so requires, we are always willing to accept payments in monthly instalments. The person who is to be helped should not be placed in financial difficulties. 

Talk to us about your wishes regarding payment and we will probably be able to accommodate them.

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