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        WHY A TEAM ?

Trust is the predominant feature of the relationship between lawyer and client.

Although the times when they meet in the office or on the company’s premises do not account for most of the time dedicated to managing a case, those times remain essential and important.

They are also times that I, personally, value.

But a useful discussion is no replacement for the exchange of e-mails and letters.

My quest for efficiency in meeting your needs led to my creating a team and, today, I am very proud of the stability of that team.

After fifteen or so years in the profession, Maître Pascal LAMBERT joined me, first as a trainee and then, since 1st January 2004, as associate.

Maître Pascal LAMBERT soon joined me on the list of trustees, testimony to the trust placed in us by the Commercial Court of Verviers-Eupen. He is able to handle all the commercial matters in which I am particularly interested, as well as criminal cases.

Being able to share our clients’ difficulties, victories and even defeats means a great deal to me.

Maître Sandrine ALBERT studied at the Université Catholique de Louvain and at the KUL. She then joined us in 2001 and the knowledge she acquired both at the Bar and in a notary public’s office in the area of family law are real added value for our office.  She is well-versed in the matters of divorce and liquidation of matrimonial property settlements, which are always complex and important to the future of everyone involved.

in the field of corporate and individual liability, particularly in regard to compensation for physical injury.

Last but not least, a pool of 3 experienced secretaries supports us in our activities, and their loyalty and dedication enable us to work at a sustained pace.

The complexity of legal matters very soon led me to the conclusion that it was not possible to pursue our profession effectively without working as a team.

The faster pace of means of communication and the demands of economic life require increasingly rapid responses, which only a strong team is capable of providing.

Finally, despite 25 years as a Barrister, I have never tired of the law and I remain all the more motivated as I am surrounded by ambitious and energetic colleagues and employees.

Not only do they enable me to work more effectively, they also allow me to share new ambitions to continue to serve you as well as possible.


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